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Pubg New state Release Date , BGMI vs PUBG new state, download links.

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Pubg New state Release Date , BGMI vs PUBG new state , Everything you need to know about next battle royale game..

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Krafton is all set to launch PUBG: New State in India. It is the next battle royale from the makers of the popular Battlegrounds Mobile India. The gamers have been waiting with bated breath for the upcoming title ever since the first rumour about its launch was out. However, the game developer has finally revealed the details as well as the launch timeline. Krafton has said that the game would be available for download on Android and iOS.

PUBG: NEW STATE’s official launch, KRAFTON has hosted a final two-day Technical Test in late-October! This test will be open to all Survivors that participated in the Second Alpha Test that was hosted earlier this year.


  • Test Period: October 29, 04:00 – October 30, 14:00 (UTC+0) 

PUBG: New State India launch date

PUBG: New State will be launched in India on November 11. Other than India, the battle royale game will be launching in 199 other countries including the US.


It is important for the gamers to know that the PUBG: New State will not run on all smartphones. If you are an Android user, you will have to make sure that the smartphone has a 64-bit processor and 2GB of RAM. The smartphone should run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher. If you are an iPhone user, make sure that your device is running on iOS 13 or newer. So if you have an iPhone 6 or newer iPhones, don’t forget to update them to the latest version.


  • Drone Store
  • Weapon Customization
  • Green Flare Gun
  • Recruit System in Squad Mode
  • Radio Message
  • Throwable / Healing Item Wheel Widget
  • Inventory Features: Drop Items
  • Dyneema Vest
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Trunk
  • Open Car Door
  • Waypoint
  • Search Drone
  • Deployable Shield

Pubg new state VS BGMI

PUBG New State and BGMI are battle royale games with similar gameplay mechanics on the gameplay front. The gameplay of BGMI is more uncomplicated, while that of New State is more dynamic and has more advanced features. Game elements include futuristic goods such as vehicles and weapons, which are also set in the future in 2051.

On high-end smartphones, high-definition BGMI graphics can be set to Ultra-HD just like they can on PUBG Mobile. A far higher quality of pictures can be found in New State. According to its developer, with global illumination technology, the new game will have natural sunlight and shadow effects. PUBG New State will significantly exceed expectations in terms of graphics when it releases.


Pubg New State Download link

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