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Diwali Celebration In India 2021: A Festival of Lights

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Why Diwali is Celebrated?

Diwali – is also known as Deepavali – it is the annual festival of lights.

It is mainly a five day festival, Diwali is celebrated as the homecoming of Lord Rama with Sita after a long exile of 14 years.

Diwali means a row of lights where diyas are lit by the people of Ayodhya to welcome their King, Rama, after defeating Ravana.

This five days festival has its own significance as faith, food, fireworks, family, prayers, love and charity which come together as one during the festive season.

How do people celebrate Diwali? 

Over this five days people celebrate Diwali by exchanging gifts to their loved ones, spending time with their family, eating and prayer. All of this is traditionally done with grand display of lights and diyas to scare off the darkness.

Over 5 days, folks celebrate Diwali by exchanging gifts, disbursal time with idolized ones, feeding and praying.

All of this can be historically done around grand displays of lights to dash the darkness.

The first day, that is seen as auspicious, is dedicated to prayers and preparations.

People pay at the present time cleansing and shopping for new garments and ornaments  goldandsilver

On the second day, homes ar embellished with vivacious clay lamps known as diyas, to upend the darkness with goodness and purity.

Rangolis — AN elaborate style of vibrant powders, flowers and rice — also are drawn outside the doorway of homes to welcome gods and attract smart luck.

The highlight of the pageant falls on the third day.

Families gather to hope for prosperity ANd free the darkness and evil forces with an extravagant show of lights, candles, firecrackers and fireworks.

The fourth day is all regarding the spirit of gift-giving as relatives, friends and neighbours exchange presents and best desires.

Diwali ends with a feast of ancient meals and sweet delicacies to celebrate the bond between siblings.

Reasons For Diwali Celebration In India

Diwali is not just celebrated as a homecoming of Lord Ram back to Ayodhya after he killed Ravana. Here are other reasons why Diwali is celebrated:-

  • Krishna killed Narakaasur: Narakaasure who invaded the three worlds was defeated by Lord Krishna a day before Diwali. The next day of Diwali is celebrated as Naraka Chaturdasi. 
  • Goddess Laxmi’s birthday: Goddess Laxmi is one of the most principal deities of Hindu religion and also the ‘Goddess of Wealth’. On this day. Goddess Laxmi is worshipped for wealth and prosperity. 
  • The Return of Pandavas: As mentioned in Mahabharata, Pandavas defeated the Kauravas and returned from the 12 years of banishment on the day of Kartik Amavasya i.e. Diwali.
Celebration of Diwali in different parts of India

Traditionally, Diwali is widely known on the third day of the pageant, and Deepavali 2021 falls on Nov fourth. Like alternative celebrated festivals in Republic of India, the Diwali celebration across Republic of India is completed with nice excitement and grandeur uniting the full country. folks typically wear new garments on the night of Diwali, share gifts, and people UN agency will afford to additionally purchase silver or gold jewellery.

1. North India

(Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Srinagar, Old Delhi and Punjab, Uttar Pradesh), the Deepavali pageant is widely known with fireworks, lights, and, sweets. Lord Ganapati and deity Lakshmi also are adored in Hindu homes on today. If you’re within the capital, you shouldn’t miss the Diwali mela in Old Delhi that allows you to purchase ornamentation and food things for the pageant and for best Diwali celebration in Republic of India. province is additionally thought-about united of the simplest places to go to on Diwali!

2. East India

(Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, and Odisha), Diwali celebrations in East India is especially the night of ancestors, and stuff oil lamps ar lit on poles to guide the souls of the departed darling ones to heaven in Odisha. The folks of province and province worship deity Kali on the night of the Diwali pageant and provide prayers to their ancestors. The folks of Bihar and Jharkhand perform Lakshmi pooja within the evening and girls create rangolis on the gallery of their homes and temples. For witnessing Diwali in Republic of India, visit any of those places.

3. West India

(Gujarat and Maharashtra), rangoli is a very important a part of their Diwali decoration. whereas Gujaratis draw footprints of deity Laxmi on the brink of the house, light-weight their homes with candles, rice lights, and diyas on the night of Diwali, Maharashtrians perform Lakshmi pooja in their homes and organize a feast referred to as “Faral” for families and friends, wherever sweets like karanji, ladoo and snacks like chakli and sev ar served.

4. South India
(Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu), whereas Andhrites and Tamilians worship Lord avatar and his married person Satyambha’s success over the diabolic King Narkasura, Kannadigas take oil bathtub and build forts from trash in their homes.

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